Forge Web Design is a company that leads when it comes to website design as well as website development. This is made possible due to our team of very skilled and dedicated programmers and designers who ensure our products remain the top in competitiveness when it comes to website design and development.

Since mostly we create websites using WordPress, here are the measures we take to secure them:

  • Customize login page URL

We customize the login page URL that takes us to the backend of the website since hence preventing hackers from accessing the website with ease. Also, we customize the interaction of the pages. This is done since it’s known that the standard WordPress login URL.

  • We set website lock feature

The lockdown locks someone out if he attempts several times to log in to the websites forcefully using the wrong password. A notification is finally sent to you informing you of the attempted hack your website.

  • We use email to login

Our company recommends incorporating the use of email as the default login tool to your website since it makes it secure since you have to be notified every time someone wants to log in to your website by sending a notification to you.

  • Forge Web Design also protects the wp-admin directory

When we’re developing our websites, we have to factor in the damage that would be done if someone malicious logs in on your admin panel and deletes all the important folders. To prevent this, we integrate a scenario whereby we have two passwords whereby one protects the login page while the other one secures the admin area of WordPress.

  • We also use Secure Socket Layer to protect data

Our company always makes sure that it implements the secure socket layer certificate so that it secures the WordPress admin area. This is done to ensure data is transferred securely from the server to the browsers. Therefore, it prevents hackers from spoofing your information.

  • We also change the WordPress database table prefix

By changing this we always make your database safe from SQL injection attacks. We also change terms like wp-to something different which is hard for hackers to guess. By Elaborating our security measure, I think will go a long way to convincing our clients how serious we take the security of the websites they trust us to develop

  • Backup website

We also keep a back-up website for future improvement. We also use VaultPress to check your website if it has malware and alerts.

  • We also set a strong password for your database

During the development of the website for you, we always include hashed passwords for your database as well as the website’s forms. This includes the use of uppercase, numbers, special characters, and lowercase for the password.

  • We also set directory permissions carefully

By our team of professional programmers setting directory permissions very carefully is important to secure the website when it comes to hosting level.

  • Updating your WordPress regularly

Our company updates WordPress and its plugins so as to fix bugs and serious security patches for your websites that may arise.


Trusting us to take care of your website security will make your organization realize the benefit of working with us Forge Web Design as we will always walk with you on this journey.

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