Since forever, human age has seen numerous evolutions. This world keeps changing and progressing. Every other day, we see new invention and innovation. However, there is one thing that has literally altered the meaning of change and innovation through its rapid nature which is Information and Technology.

The field of IT is the fastest evolving among all. Keeping up with the pace with which this industry is revolutionizing becomes hard sometimes. Every day is new and mind-boggling. Some of the very focused geeks also tend to miss out on a huge pile of tech innovation that takes place recently. Even with the digitalization and fastest ways of getting news, we can’t stay aware of every big IT trend.

What is the solution? To be honest, none. But there is one thing that we can do, which is never stopping our research to learn something new.

How to do that? It’s simple, subscribe to the tech websites, YouTube channels, social media handles, influencers, install tech apps, invest your time in communicating with geeks community, earn IT certifications, get both real life and online IT training, read the newspaper, share what you have learned with your peers.

The key to staying up to date is the thirst of knowledge. Once you have it, you will never be uninformed; at least about the biggest happenings. However, if you are busy and you don’t have much time, we are here to do this job for you. In this article, we will discuss the most important IT trends that will shape the future of this industry. So, if you know about the IT trends of 2020 and beyond, go nowhere else, as we have it all listed here. Just continue reading and sharing.

IT trends of 2020 and beyond

Artificial General Intelligence

AI is today and tomorrow. It is the trend of trends. One of its consolidations is AGI i.e. artificial general intelligence. When combined with cognitive computing and deep learning, AGI is one of the most important IT phenomena of the future. AGI means getting machines in acting and thinking like normal human beings. AGI attempts to acknowledge human intelligence in equipment and programming. It needs very close and thorough coordination of science, physiology, sociology, material science, medication, as well as neuroscience. On the other hand, through the help of cognitive computing, information can be utilized which recently was not available. Over the span of the coming years, these new advances will most likely add to an adjustment in workspaces, organizations, client encounters and whole areas. In this setting deep learning serves to effectively examine and assess the regularly developing volumes of information being created.


While e-learning has already become quite popular in 2019, it will be to a whole new level in 2020. Every day a new technology is coming on the surface that pros in all circles should stay aware of. Given the cutting edge pace of life, e-learning will reach new heights of acceptance and popularity. Besides, e-training should be as open as could reasonably be expected, so futurists recommend a blast in the making of portable learning applications. Employers are actively enrolling their employees in getting training for Linux, DevOps, ITIL certification online to prepare them for the tech changes.


The multiple times higher information transmission pace of 5G versus 4G will drive applications faster than ever. 5G will not only offer speed but also better latency ad capacity. 5G networks and administrations will be actualized steadily in the following couple of years, considering the expanding reliance on portable and web empowered gadgets. Generally, it is normal that 5G will produce numerous new applications and plans of action to come. This will make learning easier and simpler and one will be able to enhance his knowledge and skills while literally doing anything.

Augmented analytics

Augmented analytics has revolutionized data science. It portrays enhanced analytics skills for data scientists by using automated algos to traverse more ideas. Machine Learning and Data Science platforms have already changed the way how organizations use and generate insights and analytics. Now, Augmented analytics is used to further find and use hidden patterns by ignoring personal bias.

Cloud Sourcing

Sourcing is one of those IT patterns, which has been around for some time. The pattern to move the IT condition into the cloud will proceed at the end of 2019. So as to utilize advanced technologies, for example, IoT, AI, AR, and VR, more adaptably and scalably, cloud services will make it further simpler. Cloud sourcing is considered as the eventual fate of sourcing and according to numerous has a major potential to reform everyday business assignments. The utilization of cloud sourcing organizations implies that product and IT the board is passed on and re-appropriated to experts while decreasing expenses and unpredictability of IT for expanded work profitability.

Fog Computing

Fog computing is ending up progressively significant for organizations as a choice to deal with the surge of information in a totally networked world. The transfer speed of the cloud is too low to even think about processing the developing information volumes. With fog computing, the analysis of information, its processing as well as the storage of data and functions have become smooth.

Hybrid and Multi Clouds

Hybrid cloud computing is about using different cloud solutions like public cloud, private cloud, and on-premise together. It unifies the best of all three worlds and makes it easier for companies to choose their solution depending on the situations. The popularity and demand of the hybrid cloud have named it the future of cloud technology. The reason to use and adapt the hybrid cloud is the chance to move extra workload and non-critical apps to the public cloud while storing sensitive data and in the private cloud.

Other than the hybrid, another great option that cloud computing has presented is multi clouds solution.Multi clouds mean the linking of 2 and more clouds to collaborate and use parallelly. Because of the many benefits that multi cloud offers, it has become the best solution in cloud computing for now. It offers benefits like enhanced performance, better infrastructure, and more services. Think of getting AWS certification training or Azure to get better with clouds.

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