A short film by Harsh A Singh called Green Room Thehrav was awarded at the Cannes Film Festival.


Actor Harrsh A Singh whom we have recently seen in Mumbai Diaries 26/11, is on cloud nine. His recent short film Green Room: Thehrav won the audience award at the Cannes Film Festival. Speaking about the big win, Harrsh says,” It’s been a wonderful experience. We shot it in an empty flat in Powai. A small group of amazing creative funny people helped put the whole film together. These wonderful people from Misfit Motion Pictures It felt like a community effort. Everyone putting their heart and soul into this story. It’s such a sweet and funny script. Totally an actor’s script. All about what actors go through. It’s only 2 actors in the whole film so it’s even more important that we were convincing 8n our roles. Apart from me, actor Raj Chauhan is there and it’s directed by Abhishek Krishnan who is the whizkid, – actor, director, entrepreneur. Abhishek and I met during our NCPA play Gandhi. We were acting together in that and then he sent me this script, which he wanted to direct. I said yes without even reading it. I would do it for Abhishek blindly. He’s such a talented person and has my wicked sense of humour. Whenever we meet, we have some great quality time.”

He also adds,” Short films are such unique beasts. They can be totally a directors or an actor’s medium. They don’t really have to be box office hits so short film makers tend to be more experimental and they also give actors more breathing space. They are always different – fresher concepts, easier to make, less expensive to produce. I just wish there were more avenues to watch these films and I wish the audience would be more receptive to this format.”

Winning at Cannes is a huge achievement; you must be emotional. “We are all so thrilled and pleased. I mean I don’t think anyone of us thought this film would be so loved. Many short films tend to be dark and deep, and we tend to think that those are the award winning type of films but Green Room is such a sweet funny film, so beautifully directed, with real relatable characters that you can identify with. So we are all touched by the fact that audiences over the world have voted for Green Room. We are still stunned. Soon the whole cast and crew will meet and party.”

This is Harrsh’s 6th short film. His last short film, “Ibadat”, won the Dada Saheb Phalke Award for best story. His other film, “Hello Mumbai”, won the Best Short Film at the National Short Film Awards. He has even written and directed “The Good Girl”, which was nominated for best film and best actor at the NMIMS awards.

Also, Green Room is the official nominee for the “Best Short Film Of The Year Award” at 2021 at the “Shorted India” Awards.