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Amazon will launch its satellite internet in 2022 to compete with Space X


Jeff Bezos‘ company also wants to conquer space by giving the internet to the whole world from low orbit. This year the tests will begin and by next year they should begin to work.

The e-commerce giant has announced that it has applied for an experimental license to launch two satellites (KuiperSat-1 and KuiperSat-2) from the Federal Communications Commission of the United States (FCC).

These two satellites will be the first to be launched by Amazon to see if its approach to the satellite internet is real, since everything done to date is theoretical.

Amazon’s internet service is being developed under the codename Project Kuiper , costs $ 10 billion and, for those who don’t know, competes directly with Starlink , SpaceX’s satellite broadband service.

All systems are being tested well in simulated and laboratory environments, they explain from the company, so the next tests in orbit will be key to know if the idea they currently have can be carried out.

Among other things, Amazon will test the maximum speed of the devices, since in previous tests they showed that the satellites could transmit up to 400 Mbps of speed to the Internet.

If the US communications watchdog approves the project, Amazon will hook its satellites to ABL Space Systems’ RS1 rocket, scheduled to launch next year, from Cape Canaveral in Florida.

If all goes well, they will orbit the Earth at 590 kilometers high, with an inclination of 35 degrees , and will have to circle the planet every 96.5 minutes, they explain in TechRadar.

After the experiment, they will fall back to Earth, probably disintegrating in the process, as is usual in these cases.

The main project, that of sending satellites to make an orbital internet network , has already received a green light from the FCC, and a total of 3,236 satellites are expected to reach low Earth orbit before July 30, 2029. .