Are you tired all the time?


Do you wake up tired? Do you feel that you lack the energy to reach the end of the day? Does it make you a mountain to face certain tasks? Exhaustion is becoming so common in our society that even now has its own acronym: TATT, Tired All the Time (tired all the time). Spring and seasonal changes can aggravate these conditions, as it is at this time when the symptoms of the well-known asthenia appear, which include, among others, fatigue, irritability, appetite and libido alterations, anxiety, headaches, or lack of energy.

Tiredness can be an exceptional circumstance, the result of specific situations, such as a pregnancy, a baby that wakes up at night, a time of stress. But when it becomes a habitual state it can be a red flag to which we must heed. There are numerous physical causes that can explain fatigue, such as thyroid disorders, sleep apnea, or anemia. Faced with sustained fatigue over time, it is important to visit the doctor to