China imposes sanctions on US organizations

Whoever receives Tsai Ing-wen should be punished: Beijing has carried out its threat and imposed sanctions on US organizations that received the Taiwanese President during her visit to America.
China has imposed sanctions on US organizers of events featuring Tsai Ing-wen in protest at Taiwan’s President’s visit to the US. The State Department in Beijing announced on Friday that Ronald Reagan’s presidential library in Simi Valley, California, where a meeting between Tsai and US House Speaker Kevin McCarthy took place, will be fined.

Sanctions were also imposed on the Hudson Institute and its officials. The think tank presented an award to Taiwan’s president. Tsai gave a speech at the ceremony in New York.

Both institutions have provided Taiwan’s president with “a platform and facilities for her separatist activities for Taiwan independence in the United States,” the State Department said.

In doing so, they would have violated Beijing’s one-China doctrine and agreements with the United States. They would also have severely damaged China’s sovereignty and territorial integrity. Universities, organizations, and individuals in China will be banned from cooperation and other activities with both institutions in the United States, the release said.

During a trip to Central America, Taiwan’s president, like her predecessors, made private transit stopovers in the USA. China protested and announced countermeasures.

The Chinese leadership sees the democratic island republic only as part of the People’s Republic and is trying to isolate Taiwan internationally. All official contacts from other countries to Taipei are rejected.