Elon Musk confesses to the BBC that he is willing to sell Twitter


The last interview that Elon Musk has given reveals a different facet and opens up about everything that the purchase of Twitter has meant.

Elon Musk does not stop being news, in the last few hours, and thanks to an interview he gave to the BBC, his statements have gone viral. Among his comments, he has jokingly indicated that his dog is the new CEO of Twitter. His Shiba Inu dog, Floki is supposedly the company’s new head.

Controversies aside, Musk has recounted at length what the purchase of Twitter has meant to him in his mind. The South African tycoon has indicated that the acquisition of the social network has been a complete mistake. The general feeling he offers in the interview is regret for buying this company.

He has commented that he is generally exhausted after the purchase and all the months that have followed this acquisition. This may mark a turning point in the millionaire’s life, and he may learn a valuable lesson. If we go back a few months, Elon Musk himself joked on Twitter about his purchase of him.

Of course, despite the stress suffered by the purchase and general actions after the acquisition, Elon Musk indicates that he does not regret what he has done. He can even say that the social network is doing well enough, although this will have to be questioned; he also indicates that the use of the social network has increased since its purchase.

Elon Musk talks about his experience after buying Twitter

The pride he feels after his actions that have led the social network to a state where every day presents more problems is something inherent to the owner of Tesla. But this does not mean that he wants to keep the social network in his possession for the rest of his life; in fact, he has made it clear that he would be willing to sell Twitter .

So why doesn’t the social network sell? Musk himself has commented that he is waiting for the right person to arrive with the right offer. The complicated thing will be that this person appears since after the last changes in Twitter, the company does not seem to be going on the right path regarding income.

The BBC interview is a roller coaster of affirmations. However, what is clear is that Elon Musk has not done an excellent job of keeping Twitter within logical profitability expectations for a company that has been bought by several million. Dollars just a few months ago.