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Facebook changes its name to Meta, and embraces the Metaverse


Traditional social networks have outgrown Facebook. It’s time to create a new universe to monetize it from scratch …

Mark Zuckerberg announced it a few minutes ago at the Facebook Connect 2021 conference . Facebook changes its name to Meta , and focuses on a new goal: to replace social networks with the metaverse.

It must be clarified that the name of the company changes , not that of the social network Facebook, which will remain.

Conventional social networks are already overexploited. It is getting harder and harder to monetize them, and Facebook’s reputation is in tatters. It’s time to start from scratch by creating a new universe to monetize: welcome to the Metaverse .

You may be wondering, what is the Metaverse?

Well, basically, a new layer of augmented or virtual reality painted over the real world. In the metaverse there are no limits or barriers : you can walk down a street in your town and see a life-size dragon fly, or stop to chat with the avatar of a Japanese man who is at his home in Tokyo.

Or also, while in the real world you are seeing an empty sidewalk, in the metaverse on that sidewalk there is a Zara virtual store that gives you a garment for your virtual avatar, if you buy a real garment for yourself. And this is where Facebook wants to go …

This augmented reality layer of the metaverse is still empty, and there is a lot of money to be made by filling it up . You can sell the Puerta del Sol or the Sagrada Familia in the metaverse, as an NFT , and turn them into a concert hall or virtual disco.

You can sell appliances, clothes, objects or vehicles for our avatar and our virtual house, and interact with people from all over the world who inhabit this metaverse.

It is something that we have already seen fleetingly in thousands of online universes, from Minecraft to Second Life or The Sims, but taken to a new level: that of presence, immersion, and the true sense of the universe .

Until now we only looked at a screen: TV, mobile, a monitor. In the metaverse we are inside, thanks to the magic of virtual or augmented reality. We are still in the real world and we move through it, but we can do more things.

There will be thousands of applications and services, but the key is that whatever we do in the metaverse, it will be reflected in all those apps or services.

If we buy a virtual guitar to play a music game, we can also use that guitar in a fighting game, or give a concert to friends in a video call. Persistent objects that will be kept in your permanent inventory … as long as you use a Facebook account … sorry, Meta.

The presence, the immersion in the metaverse , will be achieved with augmented reality glasses such as those already presented with Ray-Ban , or with virtual reality glasses such as the Oculus Quest 2 .

Mobile phones, for Meta, are already an outdated object that does not serve their purposes.

In Facebook Connect 2021 Meta has presented the technologies that will make it a reality, making it clear that they are for 5 or 10 years from now . The metaverse is not built in 7 days.

We have seen avatars that are exact replicas of us , and that thanks to the eye-tracking glasses they clone our gestures.

Full hand tracking , allowing you to touch, grasp and manipulate virtual objects as if they were real.

Real-time video of a person integrated in a real stage in video calls, games or concerts …

A true parallel universe in which to live a virtual life , but which does not yet exist today. A metaverse that is based on a pillar that, in my opinion, is a utopia: it requires that everyone wear glasses . On the street, at home, at work, 24 hours a day.

It is something that Meta believes in, because it is investing billions of dollars .

On a more tangible level, a new virtual reality game has also been announced for Oculus Quest 2 (Analysis) , such as Grand Theft Auto San Andreas. And Horizon Worlds , a virtual social network that is a snack of the metaverse:

They have also confirmed new glasses for next year, called Project Cambria , which were already leaked a few weeks ago.

They have not given much data. Only that they will use new pancake lenses that leave behind the limited fresnel lenses, and that the pass-through, the possibility of seeing the real world without removing the glasses, will be in color instead of black and white.

They also have a much smaller form factor, are lighter and more comfortable .