Google launches Bard updates page where you can check all the news


Google launched a new page of news and updates included in Bard, its new chatbot based on artificial intelligence, aiming to get closer to the public and inform about recent changes.

When Google launched its artificial intelligence-based chatbot Bard, which was so media-ready and left a lot to be desired compared to others like Bing or ChatGPT, it labeled it an “experiment,” meaning it wasn’t ready yet. However, the public could access and use it as a finished tool.

The company has published its first official ‘experimental update’ for Bard, a website highlighting the changes and improvements it has introduced to the chatbot since its launch. The update page says this will allow users to “have an easy place to see the latest Bard updates so they can test and provide feedback.”

So far, every update released includes a ‘what’ and a ‘why.’ At the moment, and if you visit the page, you will find only two updates, since at the beginning, it explains the launch of this new website.

For one, Bard’s update page states that the chatbot has now been updated to provide “better capabilities for math and logic.” This is likely due to the switch to the PaLM model, as Sundar Pichai, the CEO of Google, announced a few days ago that he would switch from the smaller LaMDA language model to the larger PaLM model.

Transparency never hurts, and Google is taking the right direction

While the breakdowns are pretty brief and vague regarding how Google is building these updates, it’s a start in the right direction to give the public more insight into their training and improvement process. 

In addition, at a time when both professionals in the AI ​​sector and people, in general, are paying particular attention to the artificial intelligence innovations that large companies like Google are launching, in the end, transparency in these companies is never extra.

Hopefully, Google will gradually include more detailed updates on Bard additions and improvements via this page in the coming weeks and months, as everyone hopes this new chatbot will make a difference.