How to Boost Your Property’s Security With Guard and Patrol Services


Property managers know that good security is essential to maintaining the value of a business. But how do you find a security guard company that provides quality services? Visible patrols by security specialists deter crime and create a sense of safety in your building. They are also trained to notice and respond to any incidents.


Whether you own an apartment building or a rural exurban gated community, professional Detroit security guard and patrol services can deter property crime cost-effectively. The key to maximizing your security budget is being specific about your needs. Make your guards’ movement unpredictable by having them backtrack or change their route occasionally. It makes it more difficult for criminals to anticipate the guard’s next moves and plan an attack.

Also, meet with your contractor regularly to discuss your needs and expectations. It may be formal or informal and can be done on the phone or in person, but it is essential to your relationship with your security firm. It will help you stay on top of any issues that may arise.

Security Monitoring

Security specialists will monitor your property during regular patrols and identify potential vulnerabilities. They’ll also act as a visible deterrent to would-be thieves and vandals. Depending on your business’s needs, your security team will recommend how often guards should patrol your premises. For instance, a company that handles highly sensitive information might require more frequent patrols than one that deals with low-risk items.

A typical patrol lasts an hour, which gives the guard time to check everything thoroughly without rushing through it. Some buildings may need extra checks, such as checking to see if an alarm has been triggered. A guard can verify that an alarm is false to save valuable police resources and prevent businesses from getting fined for false alarms.

Employee Safety

Any company’s top priority should be keeping its workers safe. One of the best ways to ensure that happens is by providing security guards who are properly trained and vetted before being placed on duty at your location. It includes ensuring they understand the hazards they may encounter and how to respond in various situations. It is also important that your security team is connected with you to resolve issues quickly and efficiently. It will help keep your employees happy and feeling valued at work. Hiring security patrol services in residential buildings helps deter crime and make residents feel safe. It benefits landlords who want to attract tenants who value safety and comfort. The top security guard companies can provide this for their clients.

Deterrent to Crime

A security guard’s presence is a visual deterrent to potential trespassers or vandals. They can also act as an extra set of eyes and ears for law enforcement, letting them know what is occurring on or around the property. Roving security patrol services can prevent vandalism by looking for the telltale signs, such as broken windows and graffiti. They can quickly respond to any alarms and cries for help, stopping the crime in its tracks before it can cause damage or harm. These services are especially important for landlords of residential buildings, as they help ensure tenants feel safe and comfortable living in the complex. The patrols can include:

  • Checking for unauthorized cars and people in the building.
  • Make sure doors are locked.
  • Monitoring safety hazards such as overheated equipment.

Customer Service

Security guards are often the first and last faces customers see, so they should go out of their way to greet all people in a friendly manner and be polite. They should also answer questions about the facility’s security and what to do if a customer needs help with their experience on the property. Sometimes, security personnel encounter agitated individuals while working on the property, and they should be able to thoughtfully work through these issues with them to instill confidence and give the individual a sense of safety and belonging. Security guards who can handle these situations professionally and courteously will build trust with clients, which all companies strive for.