How to fix the Netflix algorithm if it has gone crazy and only recommends things you don’t like


The Netflix algorithm is very inconsistent, Although it usually offers you content similar to some things you have seen, it can start making decisions that deviate from your tastes. Let’s see how to fix it.

On Netflix, there are hundreds and hundreds of movies and series. On some occasions, I have spent more time looking for what to see than the time I have dedicated to seeing it, and for this reason, it is good to have an algorithm that recommends content in shape.

What is this algorithm? When you enter Netflix, there is a section called ” Recommended for you,” All the content there is based on decisions that the algorithm has made based on the content you watch or marks as favorites, among other factors.

However, the algorithm is not infallible, On many occasions, the recommendations begin to go wrong because you start to see the content by mistake, a family member who uses your account at home, or a a range that you end up not liking.

Whatever the reason, if the algorithm recommends things you don’t like, you don’t have to sit idly by and resign yourself.

We teach you how to recalibrate the algorithm and get the proper recommendations back on track.

How it works and how to recalibrate the Netflix algorithm

Netflix keeps track of your habits when using its application, whether on your mobile, computer, or TV. Pay attention to the movies or series you choose and take note of the genre, the age rating, and the actors that appear.

With that data, it generates those recommendations using machine learning and artificial intelligence models.

What can we do if we don’t like the recommendations it gives us to help you fine-tune your shot?

View and organize your viewing history.

If you think that Netflix is ​​not recommending you correctly, it could be because content you do not like has been viewed with your profile on some occasion, and, of course, that content counts toward offering you recommendations.

To view your history and sift through and clean what Netflix knows you’ve watched, you can do it from a web browser.

  • Open in your browser.
  • Locate
  • Click on the user icon
  • open account
  • Enter Profile and Parental Controls
  • Viewing Activity

And there, you will see a detailed list of everything that has been seen with this profile of your account. If you see something suspicious or don’t like it, click the hide button, and Netflix will adjust the algorithm accordingly.

Give ratings to what you see or correct wrong ratings

When you are browsing the series or movies and when you finish watching them, you can rate the viewing with “Not for me,” “I like it,” or “I love it.”

If you have put any rating by mistake or you have not put any in what you did not like, Netflix does not consider it in its algorithm.

To see the ratings you have given, you have to follow practically the same steps as before until you reach your profile and parental controls.

  • Open in your browser.
  • Locate
  • Click on the user icon
  • open account
  • Enter Profile and Parental Controls
  • Ratings

In that list, you will see the evaluations made, and you can delete or change them to your liking.

Blur and new profile

Finally, we have the most drastic solution but also the most functional. Start from scratch with a new profile.

There is a problem with this point, and it is that it will take a while for the algorithm to understand your tastes. Still, if you are aware of evaluating any of the content you watch, you will make Netflix offer you perfect range to cover your refined audiovisual taste.

You can simply create a new user in the profile list and then delete the old one.

As we can see, there are many options to re-teach the algorithm to your tastes and get it to recommend content similar to what we want to see.