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Jeff Bezos wants to build a business park in space


Jeff Bezos’ company, Blue Origin, has announced that it wants to build a business park in Earth orbit.

The space race between private companies gives us several headlines each week and it is sometimes difficult to analyze to what extent everything that is promoted is possible. The stakes of SpaceX, Virgin Galactic, or Blue Origin are high and start to sound like science fiction at times.

Blue Origin has announced that between now and the end of the decade they will build a commercial space station that they have dubbed Orbital Reef and that it will have different approaches regarding its use.

As seen on the official website that they have already launched, the space station will serve to host scientific research, excursions by space tourists, and businesses as it is, as we reported, a business park.

The company says they will make Orbital Reef ” the premier low-Earth orbit mixed-use space station for commerce, research, and tourism .”

The most striking thing about the whole project is that it seeks a business use in the station, something that has been talked about on numerous occasions, but which has always been in the background when other perspectives prevail, such as the necessary research. Although after the arrival of tourists, this development should not surprise us too much.

Now the company will have to weave alliances with more companies to transform their project into reality, attract investors and also attract the attention of companies and researchers who want to be part of Orbital Reef when it is functional.

We are talking about a project for which they have given almost a decade of margin, but whose ambition is great. We suppose that in Blue Origin they will take note of everything that has been achieved in the International Space Station for its construction.