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Laptops with Intel Arc Alchemist graphics are getting closer and their prices are going to disappoint you


Intel announced its dedicated graphics for laptops and desktops but never said they would be cheap and the first disappointments have begun.

Intel announced that its dedicated graphics for laptops were ready to be launched on the market and this made thousands of users happy. And, it is that having a new competitor in the graphics card sector is always good news and even more so considering the current situation of these elements.

The joy may soon become another type of feeling and, we do not know if by mistake or because the time had come, the first models of computers that will integrate the new Intel graphics have already been published. At the level of specifications, they are interesting, the problem is their price.

And, it is that many users believed that the new Intel graphics would arrive with lower price tags than those of NVIDIA or AMD. Come on, they would bet on being much cheaper so that they can attract a much larger audience and, thus, be able to compete in such a complicated sector.

The reality seems to be much more discouraging and with models that exceed the barrier of 1,000 dollars and some touch the 2,000 dollars for graphics configurations that have not yet been tested in the real world and compared with the proposals of NVIDIA or AMD.

The examples are two laptops that are available at Best Buy, an electronics and consumer store in the United States, the first of them is the Asus ZenBook Flip 2 in 1 which would have a twelfth generation i7 processor, Intel Evo certification, and the Intel Arc A370M graphics card for nearly $1,400.

It is not a bad laptop and, in fact, its configuration highlights an interesting integration in terms of performance and portability. Of course, to be the Intel Arc A370M series, the truth is that it is a somewhat high price for the expectations of the users.

In addition, these high prices are being seen in laptops designed for the day to day or the office. We will have to wait to see what the prices will be like in equipment for gaming or editing audiovisual projects that, in principle, we suppose should bet on much more powerful Intel graphics.

The truth is that the arrival of Intel Arc is a ray of hope in the graphics card sector, but you have to keep your hopes low enough so that there are no disappointments, especially when it is the first generation of these new graphics cards that arrive from Intel’s hand