Max: this is the name of the new streaming service that will replace HBO Max


Warner’s plans for HBO Max have just been leaked: Max will be the name of the new platform that will arrive with a mix of content.

The New York Times has just revealed the new name of the streaming platform that will replace HBO Max. The leak has informed us that Warner’s streaming platform will now be called Max. Of course, this would only apply to the US market for the moment.

In general, it is not a change that surprises anyone, the rumors that came to light several months ago would confirm this paradigm shift within the streaming company. The news is a secret, although according to The New York Times, they have been able to access them thanks to having three people who know Warner’s plans.

It is assumed that these three people were the ones who leaked the information to the medium and, therefore, the ones who have offered all this data, such as that HBO Max and Discovery will converge within the same streaming content platform. In addition, everything would indicate that the plan would be carried out quickly.

The leak indicates that Warner will execute the plan in just a month or two, making HBO Max disappear in favor of Max. This new platform would integrate a series of content, such as the documentaries available on Discovery. We will see in detail how Warner will execute this new plan. To compete against Netflix.

Max: this is the name of the service that will replace HBO Max

At the price level, what has been seen thanks to The New York Times talks about the price being $16 in the United States, the price of the HBO Max subscription. Of course, this may not be maintained when it is launched since it must be taken into account that we tend to raise the prices of subscriptions.

The price may be maintained, but we will not know this until this new service is officially launched. At the moment, the only thing that can be done is speculate about the changes that Warner will make within the streaming platform to compete more aggressively with Netflix or Disney +.

The future is uncertain, but what is clear is that streaming platforms have begun to make different changes to adapt to such a changing market.