Pack your room decoration properly


In the case you are moving your whole apartment to another street or even city, you might be wondering about the proper way to pack and store your belongings. There are hundreds of tutorials and it is really easy to feel lost with the sheer amount of information. The easiest way would be to entrust the packing of your things to professional movers, like Paramount Moving, who can easily and quickly pack your things and make sure they won’t damage while moving. If you are determined to pack yourself, this is the other story.

Your homeroom decorations are not the things you will need in time before moving days, so it is best to pack them first. Here are some tips:

  • To protect valuable or fragile items, use packing materials such as tissue paper, bubble wrap, cartons or crates. Specialty packaging materials, such as corrugated cardboard or cellular plastic, provide extra protection from bumps and jolts. Feel free to use this for more fragile items such as porcelain figurines or glass vases.
  • To protect the decorative items inside the box or crate, fill the space with packing material such as newspaper or bubble wrap.
  • Stow larger decorative items in boxes and crates, then secure them in place with tape or string.
  • If you have decor items that cannot be packaged, such as paintings or mirrors, wrap them in a soft material such ( film or paper) and protect the corners with pieces of cardboard. They may also be tied with string or tape and placed in protective packaging.
  • Be sure to label all boxes and crates containing decorative items. You can use stickers or markers to write the name of the item and its destination on the package. Place them carefully on the truck or vehicle for transportation.

Also note that moving can be stressful for houseplants, so you should make the move as comfortable as possible for the plants

A few days before the move you can transplant the plant from its large pot into a more compact pot: this will help reduce its size and weight, making it easier to transport. This would also be a perfect time to water all of your plants to prevent them from drying out during the move. Do not water the plants just before shipping, as this can increase moisture at the root and cause damage.

When packing plants, use materials that will help preserve the integrity of the plants – plastic containers or wrapping paper can be used to protect plants from soil loss and leaf damage. Additionally, you can use styrofoam or packing paper to fix the pots and prevent them from moving during transport.

Plants should be placed in a place where they will not be exposed to direct sunlight or cold air before transportation. You also need to make sure that they will not be subject to vibration and other conditions that can damage the plants.

After moving, plants should be left alone for a few days. This will help them recover from the transfer and adapt to the new location.

These simple recommendations will help you to make your new place as cozy as the current one – just find that packing material and get started.