Secret US plans for Ukraine apparently end up on the Internet


According to a media report, documents are appearing on Twitter and Telegram that show how the USA and NATO want to support Ukraine. The American government is trying in vain to have it deleted. Military insiders could glean valuable information from it.

Secret documents about US and NATO plans to support the Ukrainian military ahead of a planned offensive against Russia have surfaced online. The “New York Times” reports, citing US government officials. The US Department of Defense is therefore investigating who is behind the publication.

However, according to analysts, the content of the documents appears to have been altered in a way that could indicate a disinformation campaign from Russia, the report says. For example, American estimates of Ukrainian war casualties were overestimated and estimates of Russian soldiers killed were underestimated.

The newspaper writes that the documents were distributed via Twitter and Telegram. Attempts by the US government to have the documents deleted have so far not been successful. The documents are five weeks old and contain no concrete battle plans, it is said. Military insiders could still glean valuable information from it, such as schedules for arms shipments. The documents also show how quickly the Ukrainian troops use the HIMARS ammunition.

According to the analysts, it is difficult to assess the impact of the publication on the fighting. According to the newspaper, the published documents are the first known breakthrough of Russian espionage since the beginning of the war.

At the start of the war, Ukrainian officials were reluctant to share their plans with the US, the report said. As recently as the summer, American intelligence officials said they often knew Russia’s military plans better than Ukraine’s.