Shrek 5: confirm new movie with the return of the original cast

Shrek 5

In 2017 it began to be established that making a new Shrek movie would imply a reinvention of the saga.

A little over a year later it was revealed that the plan was to reboot the franchise but keep the original English voices, including Mike MyersEddie MurphyCameron Diaz, and Antonio BanderasIllumination Studios boss

Chris Meledandri confirmed that they are still working on a reboot of the animated film series and that they are already sending out offers to the actors who play characters like ShrekFionaDonkey, and Puss in Boots. “

We are anticipating that the cast will return. The talks are starting now and everything indicates that what we have is a gigantic enthusiasm on the part of the actors to return, ” Meledandri told the Variety portal.

“ It’s not that different from the process we went through with the Super Mario movie, where you look at the core elements that audiences have loved and do your best to honor those core elements. And then they’re hard at work building the story elements and new characters to take you to new places. The original cast is a gigantic part of that,” added the Illumination Studios CEO.

Shrek was made under the umbrella of Dreamworks Animation, a studio that was acquired by Universal Pictures. The latter company also owns Illumination Studios.

Additionally, Meledandri also addressed the words of Eddie Murphy, who said that he was interested in joining the film and that he would even do a spin-off centered on Donkey without hesitation. In this sense, the head of Illumination stressed that he was ” delighted ” to hear those words from the actor.

“It is evidence of his great enthusiasm for a role that he played so brilliantly and truly created alongside the DreamWorks artists. I found that comment very exciting,” said Meledandri, adding that Burro will “without a doubt” be getting a spin-off. The last Shrek

the movie was released in 2010 and didn’t get the same reception as the first movies in the saga.