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Spotify launches a subscription for podcasts that will allocate funds integrally to creators


The most used music streaming platform in the world has decided to launch in Spain a subscription to listen to podcasts that will support creators, provide new tools and allow exclusive content to be created.

One of the complaints that for years has been heard in the podcaster world is that although it is very fun to have your own radio show, it would be great to be able to live on it, and not do it for the love of art.

iVoox, the number 1 podcast app in Spain and Latin America, has worked on this issue without much success. Reason that has led hundreds of programs to leave the platform and seek new ways of financing .

Spotify arrived late to the podcast world , long after iTunes or iVoox, but it seems that it is clear that to get creators it must pay. Or, at the very least, provide tools and incentives for listeners to pay for content.

And we say this because Spotify launches today in Spain the paid subscription to podcast . The goal of this new feature is to give podcasters more control over the monetization of their content and the creation of exclusive content only for their paid subscribers.

Creators who have their podcasts hosted on Anchor will be able to activate this new feature and mark the episodes as exclusive for subscribers and publish them on Spotify, in this way only those who are subscribed to the program will be able to access.

Activating the paid podcast subscription model in Spotify will have no cost for the creators and, the most interesting thing is that they will receive the income from the subscriptions in full (excluding the mandatory payment processing fees, they explain from the company) .

In this way, Spotify can convince those thousands of creators who do not know well which platform to put their efforts on. This decade is that of podcasts, and getting the cake is key to taking over the market. That streaming is not only music and video games, it is also radio.