The best parks in Orlando: Florida

best parks in Orlando

The United States is one of the most fun destinations we have been to, it is a country with an infinite number of things to do and see.

Without a doubt, one of the essential places that you should visit in the United States would be the famous parks in Orlando, which many consider an entertainment mecca.

Disney, Universal Studios and the water parks are waiting for you to have an unbeatable experience in this amazing destination.

Therefore, in this article, I wanted to tell you which are the best parks in Orlando, Florida.


How to move between parks

Before telling you which are the essential parks in Orlando, we would like to recommend that during the trip the best option is to rent a car.

In Orlando, there are great distances between the different tourist places, the hotels, and even between the parks themselves.

That is why to have a much more comfortable experience, it is best to get to know Orlando in a rental car and move between the parks in the most comfortable and efficient way possible.

In this way, you can get the most out of your stay in these amazing destinations.

Now that you know how to get around the city, we will present the best parks in all of Orlando below.


Mundo de Walt Disney

It is impossible not to start with the magical world of Disney, it currently has 4 theme parks, where you will have incredible fun times.

You will live an unprecedented experience within this amazing complex, dedicated to entertainment, in which they have managed to recreate the universe of Disney movies so that we can live an adventure with all our favorite characters.

Magic Kingdom

The most iconic of all Disney World, with its characteristic Cinderella castle and its attractions, focused on fun and magic, will make both children and adults spend one of the best moments of their lives.

In addition to this, it has amazing shows such as the fireworks of “Happily Ever After” or the stories of “Once Upon a Time” where Mrs. Ollas tells Chip wonderful stories.



Walt Disney himself was the one who devised this park with the intention of making it a “City of the world of tomorrow” in which, 50 years ago, he imagined the future. 

When he passed away, this idea was combined with that of showing a “world showcase” of the wonders that the present has.

The experience of discovering the secrets that its 6 regions offer you will be an adventure at every step.


Hollywood studios

In this park, you will live Hollywood, but in the Disney style, here you will find fun attractions that were inspired by the classic, and other not-so-classic, Disney movies.

It is the ideal destination for lovers of sagas as incredible and iconic as Star Wars or Toy Story. You will be able to live fantastic experiences in unique settings and with some of your favorite characters.


Animal Kingdom

Transport yourself to a kingdom where animals and nature are the protagonists of your adventure. Delve into its different regions to discover the Disney magic, placed in the attractions of this amazing park.

Within this park, you can do a Safari in Africa, visit Mount Everest in Asia, or explore the world of dinosaurs in Dinoland USA.

Here, in addition, you will find two of the most popular attractions in all of Disney: Pandora – The World of Avatar and Rafiki’s Planet Watch, where you will live incomparable moments in a unique place in the world.


Universal Orlando

In the Universal Studios parks, you will feel, at all times, as in a cartoon from a Hollywood studio, in which each attraction invites you to have fun in the world behind the camera.

It has a special air, in which you can enjoy hilarious experiences while you discover the secrets that await you in these theme parks. 

Universal Studios Orlando

Universal’s second-oldest theme park built all of its attractions around movie industry icons.

Each attraction takes you on an adventure in a movie world. Attractions like Revenge of the Mummy or The Simpsons Ride will be unforgettable during your visit to this park. 


Islands Of Adventure

A somewhat particular experience awaits you in this theme park, you will be able to explore 6 Islands in which each one has a unique theme.

Among them, the island of Jurassic Park stands out for its extreme attractions and The Wizarding World of Harry Potter, as it is dedicated to the amazing Harry Potter franchise. In it you can even board the Hogwarts Express.

At the end of a long day of fun on all these islands, there is nothing like having a car to take you back to your accommodation to rest. 

That is why moving around Orlando in a rental car may be the best option to avoid long lines on the buses or endless waits until a taxi or Uber is available to take you.



If you want to escape the heat of Orlando and cool off while you go on aquatic adventures, I recommend you visit one of these theme parks.

These parks have some of the best attractions in all of Orlando, you can immerse yourself in tons of fun.