The Spanish film Phenomena arrives on Netflix, paranormal mysteries based on the Hepta Group


If you don’t have movie buff plans for this weekend, here’s a suspenseful movie with some horror and even comedy touches.

Today the Spanish film Fenómenas is released on Netflix, a paranormal movie based on “real events,” as it pays homage to the Spanish paranormal investigation group, the Hepta Group .

In 1987, Father Pilón founded the Hepta Groupto to investigate paranormal phenomena that arose in Spain since nobody was doing it. He was recruiting different people with the same concerns.

Among them were Sol Blanco-Soler, Piedad Cavero, Paloma Navarrete, the Phenomena on which the film is based, although they have another name in the movie. The Hepta Group is still active.

Phenomena, a paranormal mystery

At the end of the 90s, Sagrario (Belén Rueda), Paz (Gracia Olayo), Gloria (Toni Acosta), and Father Girón (Emilio Gutiérrez Cava) formed the Hepta Group, which is not going through its best moment.

They agree to investigate an antique shop where strange things happen. But what seemed like a case like any other will become the most difficult of their lives when Father Girón disappears.

From what we can see in the news opening trailer, Phenomena is a paranormal mystery movie with some touches of horror combined with a comedy tone to relieve tension, which is always appreciated.

The great hook of the film is the three leading actresses, Belén Rueda, Gracia Olayo, and Toni Acosta, all established and very popular for appearing in numerous Spanish movies and series. Of course, the mastery of Emilio Gutiérrez Cava permanently enriches any production.

Fenómenas is directed by Carlos Therón , director of films such as El Campeón, Operación Camarón or Impávido. He has also directed or scripted numerous successful series, such as Mira what you have done, El Chiringuito de Pepe, Los Hombres de Paco, Olmos y Robles, etc.

The script is in charge of Fernando Navarro (Bajocero and Secret Origins) and Marta Buchaca (Litus).

Fénómenas pays homage to the pioneers of paranormal investigation in Spain, the Hepta Group. It is available exclusively on Netflix, lasting 1 hour and 34 minutes.