You may be watching Disney+ wrong and you didn’t realize it


It seems that Disney + does not get along with technology that is quite popular among new televisions.

The technology in our televisions has advanced a lot in recent years, and despite the fact that the images are much clearer and sharper, in addition to having a higher resolution, it is likely that at some particular moments, the progress has been negative.

In fact, if you use Disney + and have a specific technology on your television, it is likely that some night scenes are not as sharp as you would like, and this has a solution that many are letting go.

Surely HDR technology sounds familiar to you and despite the fact that most programs, series, and video games look much better with this technology that is enabled by default, it seems that it does not get along very well with Disney +

As commented in The Verge, when HDR is activated and movies are running on Disney+ that have many night scenes, the images are not exactly very clear, not being able to clearly see what is in front of us.

To check it, simply choose a Disney+ series or movie, look for a night scene, and then pause.

Go back or forward a bit until the thumbnail of the frame you are in appears, and if you see that there is a big difference in brightness levels on the thumbnail compared to what is being viewed, then you might as well turn HDR off.

How to turn off HDR

With this, it would be advisable to deactivate HDR in each of the televisions that we have, an option that you should find within the configuration tab.

The idea is that we turn off HDR and even Dolby Vision in our decoder or on the television itself to see if this improves the image as many users are taking advantage of right now.

It’s not a foolproof trick, and this can vary depending on the type of series or movie you’re watching, but you should definitely give it a try if you find scenes looking too dark.